We have compiled the following information and research items and organized them for your reference. This information was compiled and adapted from the American Holistic and Health Association. You may visit their website at Remember, this is only a jumpstart to get you going. It is your responsibility to use this information as a springboard to an informed lifestyle of wellness.

Atherosclerosis - Vitamin B

Recent German research findings published in Atherosclerosis (International Journal for Research and Investigation on Atherosclerosis and Related Diseases) indicate that B vitamins reversed plaque buildup in the neck's carotid artery. We thank The Health Resource for alerting us to this finding. Their article is "B-Vitamins Reverse Plaque Buildup in Neck."

Blood Pressure - Nitrates

Popeye was right. Eating your spinach is good for you. Swedish research shows that the nitrates in green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, lettuce and beetroot, help to lower blood pressure and keep blood vessels healthy. For details, review "Nitrates for Blood Pressure".

Cancer - Curcumin

It is refreshing to learn that natural substances are being included in university research in the fight against cancer. The Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center studied the possible anticancer mechanisms of curcumin, a component of the popular Indian curry spice, turmeric. While this is a long way from being part of an anti-cancer protocol, it is encouraging news.

Colds/Flu - Turmeric

As the season for colds and flu approaches, you may be interested in the numerous studies referenced in "Nature's cold and flu remedies for antibiotics required" by Kerry Bone. This Australian herbal clinician cites research supporting immune enhancing uses of andrographis, echinacea, and elderberry. You and your family might wish to review this information with your family physician. This article appeared in Dr. Jonathan V. Wright's Nutrition & Healing newsletter.

Eczema - Herbal Supplements

Eczema, or dermatitis as it is sometimes called, is a group of skin conditions, the severity of which varies from mild dry, hot, and itchy skin to severe raw and bleeding skin. Treatment is typically a topical therapy. Those interested in a non-drug approach will want to check out "The Most Effective Way To Get Herbal Eczema Relief Right Where You Need It Most" by Kerry Bone, which presents a number of safe and effective herbal options. Be sure you have a correct diagnosis by a qualified healthcare professional and have him/her track your healing progress.

Immune Cells - Echinacea

Your body is loaded with immune cells known as natural killer cells. These cells are part of your body's front line of defense against bacteria, viruses, and tumor cells. In "My favorite herb has just been declared a miracle" Kerry Bone summarizes research using the root of the herb echinacea to enhance the functioning of the immune system. This is information for you and your healthcare team to consider. This article appeared in the Dr. Jonathan V. Wright's Nutrition & Healing newsletter.

Recommended Intake - Vitamin B-12

The currently recommended daily intake level of 2.4 micrograms of vitamin B-12 should be more than doubled, according to a new Danish study. "Study Questions Vitamin B-12 Recommended Intake" notes the need for 6 microgram of B-12 to correct B-12 deficiency symptoms. We thank the Natural Standards Research Collaboration for alerting us to this finding.

Skin Cancer - Eggplant Extract/BEC

Anyone dealing with squamous cell cancer, basal cell cancer, or actinic keratosis may want to be aware of the promising preliminary research results concerning a topical eggplant extract called BEC. You and your physician can check out the research referenced in the article"Researchers find a groundbreaking skin cancer cure" which appeared in the Dr. Jonathan V. Wright's Nutrition & Healing newsletter. Also, a more recent article "The skin cancer cure...yes, cure...that works every time," by Jonathan V. Wright, M.D., which appeared in the Dr. Jonathan V. Wright's Nutrition & Healing newsletter.

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