Dysfunction is when conflict, misbehavior and even abuse on the part of an individual or members of a body of believers, company, family etc. occur continually, leading you or others to accommodate such actions. People who are by-products of that organism sometimes engage to the degree that they take on the attitude and understanding that such an arrangement is normal.

It is an impairment in the functioning of the individual, family, organization, or group that impedes consistent progress. It delays and sometimes even displaces your purpose and destiny thus making you non-operational or not completely functional.

There are five main types of dysfunctional behavior that we need to watch out for: Paranoia, Drama, Depression, Compulsivity, and Schizoid.

If we are going to dispel dysfunction we must start by defining or redefining the mission, how we are to operate as a living thriving organism, and how we are to perpetuate the level of functioning that God has designed us to employ. We do this by acknowledging that we are the Kingdom of God, we are the way that God infuses the earth with His influence and we are to be a result oriented, thriving, successfully functioning, organism.


Define Living Life Well...
The first step in restructuring is to define what living life well means to you. The easiest way to do that is to define some goals that – if achieved or even pursued – would make you healthier and happier.

Start right now...
Send yourself an email with five goals that - if achieved would make you healthier and happier.

Don't allow anyone to deter you..
Be committed, persistent and consistent in your purpose always remember that God is in you performing His will and doing His great pleasure!

We congratulate you for taking the initiative to improve the quality of your life but you must remember as easy as living life well is to do... it can be even easier to not do so we need to restructure our thinking to make living life well a priority.

Do tell...
We invite you to share your experiences as you start on this journey in our WellBlog. You can do this by filling out the email web form. Your God-inspired pursuits will help remind you to live your life exceptionally well. And, by sharing your thoughts from time to time, it will increase your confidence in the God's ability to help you to achieve your pursuits. You'll also be sharing what you've learned which will make a difference in the lives of others.


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