I am an avid Mac user and have been for many years.   However, I remember using a PC from time to time and the many instances of having to reboot my system.  In the days of my CONTROL - ALT - DELETE experiences, I found that after using my computer for days on end, uploading, downloading, publishing, and the like, my computer system would get clogged or compromised in some way.  Eventually it would lock up or in some cases show what is commonly known as, the blue screen of death.  This would require REBOOTING THE SYSTEM through some method.  Whether that reboot was the CONTOL - ALT - DELETE method or simply pressing the restart button, the system would not allow you to move forward without doing something.  There were many times that a simple restart was not completely effective so the system had to be cleaned using some type of system utility or external software to ensure that any viruses, trojan horses, or other harmful or potentially dangerous file would not infect all your other files and become a risk to others as well. 

God, in His infinite WISDOM, has so created systems that He designed to cause the bodies he has given us to operate at their optimal performance level.  However, because He gave us control (free will) to do with the bodies what we like, they often are off their peak performance due to lack of proper care.  

Because the beginning of a new year is the perfect time for this, The Living Well Network is promoting the initiatives of Impact Ministries Worldwide towards the goal of Getting our HOUSES in Order.  With that in mind, we have begun a series of teachings on our broadcasts and in our live services to help make this happen in the most effective and lasting way. Our goal is simple. We want to prepare ourselves to operate in such a way that the bodies God created for us to live in will be durable enough to last us so that we can complete our purpose in the earth realm.  In areas where we have compromised our health, we will reject faulty paradigms, rebuild broken down systems, retrain the body to operate in the perfection God created it to function, retain proper habits, realize our healed state and walk in it! 

Where do we start? Well, we have started with what we call a LIFE SYSTEM REBOOT.  I would like to share some of the material that we are using to complete this process on the WELL BLOG today so that you will have it handy in your quest to GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER. 

We are suggesting that you start by a process of Detoxification.  We have adopted the following detox process of trusted and well respected wellness coach - Nancy Dunn.

Detox Guidelines

Cleanse for 7 days...follow these guidelines to the best of your ability

1)  Your first action every morning: Cut a lemon in half and squeeze thejuice into warm water, then drink. Lemons are naturally diuretic andhave antioxidants. They are also very soothing and will help with yourcravings. Note: If you are heating your water with the microwave, heatyour water first and then squeeze your lemon into the water.

2)  Drink at least 8- 8oz. glasses of water. Herbal teas, distilled or filteredwater or mineral water, they will assist in the flushing of impurities.

3)  NO coffee, alcohol, soda, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and caffeine-containing beverages. These are substances we want to purify fromyour body. (agave or stevia are allowed in small amounts)

4)  Eat as many vegetables as you like, but limit fruits to three servingsper day.

5)  Avoid dairy & fats: no oils, butter or margarine.

6)  NO JUNK food. Remember, this is a cleansing, detoxification diet, and

avoiding these now will help you get unaccustomed to the taste of

sweet or fat.

7)  Avoid animal protein as much as possible (just for one week) you can

have eggs, small amounts of fish or lean chicken as needed.

8)  If you have been taking a multivitamin/mineral formula, continue todo so, but do not start to take supplements during this detoxification

step if your body is not accustomed to them.

9)  Get plenty of rest and sleep because this helps with the detoxification

process. The naturally occurring plant compounds in the fruits andvegetables will help accelerate the cleansing process. You may feel alittle more tired than usual the first few days. By the end of the week,you should feel energized. Some other symptoms may be headaches,fatigue, irritability and nausea. This can be a part of the withdrawal ofJUNKY foods. **drink more water**

10)  Do not engage in strenuous physical activity, even if you are used toit. Instead of a vigorous workout, do gentle stretching. This is also agreat time to meditate & pray, listen to relaxing music, and engage inother stress-reduction activities.

Nancy says that we should think about the commitment we are making to ourselves, and what we stand to gain, and how accomplished we will feel. Look at this as cleansing out the old and getting ready for the new. 

To get more information on Nancy Dunn or to purchase her specificallly designed 7 Day Detox program please contact her directly at: You can also visit her product website at:

Once you have cleansed your body, we suggest moving to the Daniel Fast (a 21 day partial fast and consecration) for additional spiritual and health benefits.

There are two main scriptures for the Daniel Fast. In Daniel 1 the Prophet ate only vegetables and fruit (vegetables included fruit at that time) and drank only water. The guidelines for the Daniel Fast are as follows:

1. Only fruits and vegetables (no artificial or processed foods nor chemicals)

2. Only water for a beverageThen in Daniel 10 we read that the Prophet ate no meat nor any precious breads or foods and he drank no wine for 21 days. So from this scripture, we get a third guideline and a timeline:

3. No sweeteners and no breads (also important to note is that there was no leaven used during any fast in the Jewish fasting principles so yeast and baking powder are not allowed on the Daniel Fast.)

4. The fast should last 21 days

Fasting should never harm the body. If you are trusting God for healing or if you are Pregnant or Nursing, be sure to consult your health professional before going on the Daniel Fast or making any major dietary change.  A competent health professional will probably suggest modifications that will be appropriate for your specific situation or while your body is catching up with your confession of faith. 


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